Yoozoo Games Reaches an Agreement about IP linkage with Ubisoft for LOD and Assassin’s Creed IP

On February 1, 2018 Beijing Time, Yoozoo Games announced a cross-promotion agreement with Ubisoft for several iconic characters from Assassin’s Creed to make special appearances in the Furious Wings fantasy ARPG. Ezio is scheduled to be the first character to appear in the foreign edition of Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings next week.


“Junior Three Kingdoms” Initiates Third-Anniversary Junior Project: Make Your Own Classic

The third anniversary celebration of “Junior Three Kingdoms”, themed “Junior π”, took place in Lijiang, Yunnan Province on January 18, 2018. Yoozoo Games Vice President and Executive Producer of Junior Games Cheng Liangqi, Yoozoo Games Vice President Li Bo, “Junior Three Kingdoms” producer Kong Hao and Yoozoo Films CEO Yi Jianmei were in attendance, promoting the gaming IP and helping to launch the Junior Project with well-known director Wang Guangli.


Yoozoo First MMO “Era of Angels” Begins Beta Testing on All Platforms

Ardently endorsed by popular Chinese star Crystal Liu, Yoozoo's first MMO, "Era of Angels” officially began beta testing on iOS and all Androids on January 11, firing the company’s first salvo in the MMO market of 2018. As Yoozoo Games’ opening title, “Era of Angels” beta test attracted over 6.5 million players. For a game with no eminent IP attached to be so hotly anticipated, the game is expected to be an MMO dark horse in 2018, with hopes of breaking current major MMOs’ stranglehold and realizing Yoozoo’s goal to upgrade the mobile game genre.


Yoozoo to Release Mobile Version of "Zero-Negative-Reviews" Steam Game “Brain Machine”

Spark Studio's “Brain Machine” PC game has maintained a spotless “zero negative review” record since its September release on Steam. Recently, this Steam favorite was adapted for iOS and various Android platforms.


Yoozoo Releases “Give It Up! 3: The World” Foreign Edition, Expanding World-Famous IP

Recently, Spark Studio under Yoozoo officially released the foreign edition of the casual rhythm game, “Give It Up! 3”, to continue the classic inkblot IP. The release garnered immediate global recommendations from both App Store and Google Play, a testament to its gameplay and quality.