YOOZOO AI Innovation Lab: Harnessing Technology To Fight The COVID-19 Epidemic


In a short period of time, the YOOZOO AI Innovation Lab has developed an automatic contactless temperature measurement system, using science and technology to strengthen public health protection.


The system supports:

- Multi-person detection

- Automatic outlier detection and automatic reading calibration

- Cusomized alert threshold settings

- Facial recognition

- Alert system (email, SMS, audio)

- Daily system log


See The Technology In Action Here:


YOOZOO’s new Singapore office was opened in Mediapolis last year. Whilst YOOZOO is best-known for it’s work in video games development and publishing, with the support of the Digital Industry Singapore (DISG) they are now building on their expertise in games to begin a new AI chapter, focusing on biomedical development healthcare, wellness and sports.


YOOZOO is building a global AI hub in Singapore, with the team set to grow to around 60 AI researchers and engineers within the next few years. The lab is headed up by AI Technical Director Dr. Chi-Keong Goh, an Artificial Intelligence & Data Science expert with over 15 years’ experience in developing and leading data-driven innovation.



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