Yoozoo Net Profit for 2017 Up 37.05% to $806


      Yoozoo’s financial briefing of February 28 showed an operating income of $3.242 billion, a 28.14% increase over the same period in the previous year. The shareholders’ profit was $806 million, a 37.05% year-on-year increase for that period.




      The company attracted over 100 million new users worldwide in 2017, expanded operation to cover 230 countries and regions, and acquired the official license to Game of Thrones--all attributable to the significant sales and profit margins for 2017.

      Business-wise, Yoozoo Games has thoroughly explored the potential of its online games and extended their life cycles, while both developing own titles and representing others, making forays into brand-new genres and continuing to focus on quality. Yoozoo’s in-house Junior Three Kingdoms shows incredible resilience by remaining wildly popular three years after its release. The game currently boasts 100 million registered players, earning over 4.1 billion RMB in 34 months and retaining over 95% of its veteran players circa summer, 2017. The multiple breakthroughs in development and management have shattered the typical life-expectancy of a card game and refined the genre.

      For new titles, Yoozoo maintained a regular pipeline of longer, more serious games, as it released Legend of the Condor Heroes mobile ARPG and The Advisors Alliance in 2017, piggybacking on hot IPs to broaden the market for serious games. Meanwhile, it also delved into mid-level games with 2 turn-based RPGs (Amazon Kingdom and League of Angels: Paradise Island) and a strategy web game (36 Stratagems) to solidify the company’s hold in those genres.

      For casual games, Yoozoo broke in with adventure- and arena-type games, releasing six titles in 2017, including three in-house casual mobile games (Rock-Paper-Scissors, Keep Running: Major Combat, Greedy Little Monsters) and three licensed/represented adventure-style games (Disney Crossy Road, Flying Slime, Give It Up 3: The World) to attain unprecedented success in its first year in the casual gaming field.

      Yoozoo also experienced breakthroughs in the previously neglected indie game domain, releasing two casual puzzle games (Yesterday, Brain Machine) that won glowing reviews for their quality gameplay from the App Store and Steam.

      Yoozoo’s Mob platform achieved a total coverage of 8 billion mobile devices worldwide. It will be an area receiving thorough exploration, management and analysis, with the goal of offering MobData, a new brand, to business clients and partners that focused on applications and analysis of big data. Yoozoo has achieved breakthroughs in business applications of big data.