Founded in 2009, YOOZOO GAMES Co., Ltd. is a world-leading provider of interactive entertainment. YOOZOO Games implements the strategies of big data, globalization, and delivering quality products to achieve integrated development across four major arenas: globalized game R&D and publishing, IP management, big data and intelligent technology, and pan-entertainment industry investment. In June 2014, YOOZOO Games officially listed on the main board of China's stock market as an A share stock. YOOZOO Games' world-leading mobile developer platform Mob covers 6 billion mobile devices, continuing to enhance the company's big data advantages through strategic partnerships with industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Alibaba. On the basis of big data, YOOZOO Games operates using a 'film-game integration' model, focusing on outstanding IPs to deliver series of major cultural products such as films, games, cartoons, fiction, and commercial property, building a globalized ecosystem for the pan-entertainment industry.


YOOZOO’S Singapore division was incorporated in 2015 with the goal to venture beyond the China market. Over the years, we have continued to localise, publish and develop new innovative games. Moving forward, we are focus on integrating Immersive Technologies and AI as part of Digital Content Generation beyond games. We welcome fellow players who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of entertainment and interactive media.


YOOZOO Turkey aims to publish high quality games for the region of Turkey and MENA with the know-how of YOOZOO’s successful international expansion strategy.  Our local team is filled with like-minded individuals who are passionate about games, technology, and their work. We constantly aim to increase player satisfaction in Turkey and MENA through providing the best local operation service. While we're focused on players in MENA region, we publish top-notch games internationally, which strengthens YOOZOO’s international expansion strategy. 


Founded in 2018, YOOZOO US Corp is a 100% owned subsidiary of YOOZOO Games. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, it is adjacent to many world-class companies. The office is set up for company mergers and acquisition, IP licensing and Corporate Business Development. It gathers a bunch of industry veterans with multicultural awareness who know understand the major platforms such as PC, Facebook, Mobile and Console. Wenfeng Yang, Head of the US Office, has over 15 years of experience in game publishing as well as corporate BD in Western markets. Well-connected in the industry, including both China and globally, he leads the team working with high efficiency. As one of the few Chinese game companies who have a global vision and an open mind, YOOZOO US Corp is keen to get to know more about local game developing studios and establish long term partnerships - We welcome all kinds of good ideas to make better games!


The Indian Gaming Industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, it is a dynamic market with huge potential for Mobile Gaming. This market is poised for tremendous growth due to India’s largely young demographic, growing digital infrastructure, emergence of low-cost high speed internet, rise of digital payments and increasing affluence. To capture this market we have a team of world-class gaming operators leading YOOZOO Games India, that have previously built, grown and delivered multiple category leaders across the Indian and global gaming ecosystem. The team’s mission is to leverage its unique, category-leading expertise across all verticals of the gaming sector to create joyful gaming experiences for millions of new gamers in India and emerging markets.


YOOZOO's Korea Division is rapidly growing, working with local partners focused on game publishing and operations in the Korea market.


YOOZOO Inc., Japan Division, was established in July 2018. The company has a team of over 40 people in Tokyo. It focuses on game publishing and operations in the Japan market. With a deep understanding of the Japan market, it has successfully released a number of outstanding mobile titles. Playing a significant role in expanding YOOZOO’s oversea business, YOOZOO Inc., Japan Division, has established a good relationship with local games companies and outsourcing studios.


Bigpoint is a subsidiary of YOOZOO Games and a leading global online game developer and publisher. Headquartered in the breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant city of Hamburg in Germany, Bigpoint designs high-quality games for all gamer segments for browser, client and mobile, with the declared goal to make high quality games accessible for everyone. A team of international employees use state-of-the-art technology to transform the industry with innovative gaming concepts, while setting international standards to fulfil the expectations of more than 350 million gamers in over 200 countries.



Inspire Your Dreams

YOOZOO is founded on the premise of Inspire Your Dreams. YOOZOO defines itself — not just as a company and publisher or developer of games — but as a collaborative collective with an uncompromisingly inclusive ethos. We welcome players from across the world; share simply joy with all countries and cultures. While we’re a Chinese company, we reach out across the world to imbue our products and strategies with truly global ideas, skills and strategies.