Global Mobilization For One-World Support: YOOZOO Sends Second Batch Of Aid Supplies To Coronavirus Affected Areas


January 27th, YOOZOO shipped the second batch of medical supplies prepared by the YOOZOO Charitable Foundation, sent immediately to Jingzhou, Xiantao, Shishou and other regional hospitals around Wuhan, Hubei.


Some of the supplies were passed to the front line command of Changhai Hospital affiliated to the Naval Medical University the Ministry received it locally, and some other materials will be sent to Shao Yifu Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College. We pay tribute to all of the warriors working around the clock in the affected areas! We pay tribute to all the medical staff who are fighting on the front line!


The second batch of materials supplied includes: 58,000 protective masks, of which 8,000 were purchased in Singapore and 2900 sets of protective clothing, purchased in Germany.


Yesterday, YOOZOO prepared the first batch of medical supplies including 50,000 KN95 masks, as well as 100,000 pieces of protective clothing, surgical isolation clothing, disposable hats and shoe covers.


At the same time, YOOZOO mobilized global resources to offer mutual support to the epidemic areas. At present, overseas branches, subsidiaries, and local Chinese organizations in Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. have confirmed the supply of medical supplies. YOOZOO’s third batch of aid medical supplies will be sent to China ASAP. To those in the affected areas: you are not alone, we are with you. Go Hubei! Go China!