Third Batch Of Materials Ready To Be Sent Directly To The Front Line Of Affected Areas Across China


February 1st, the third batch of medical supplies prepared by YOOZOO through the YOOZOO Charitable Foundation will soon be sent to hospitals in the affected areas to provide assistance to medical staff who are working tirelessly on the frontline across the country.


We hope that those in the affected areas will be able to emerge from this crisis as soon as possible. The third batch of materials that YOOZOO has prepared includes: 50,000 medical masks from South Africa.


At present, YOOZOO has cooperated with overseas companies in Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other places to raise medical supplies, including a total of 160,000 KN95 masks, protective clothing, surgical isolation clothing, disposable hats, shoe covers, etc., totalling more than 110,000 pieces.


The fight against the epidemic is urgent. At present, YOOZOO is still raising medical supplies globally through regional offices to sends medical supplies to where they are needed as soon as possible.


Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to friends and institutions at home and abroad who have been very generous in helping to purchase materials. They are Mr. Peter and Ms. Icey Sui of Netherfire Entertainment, Mr. Liu Wuhua of Baijing Chuhai, and Beijing Youyi Technology Co., Ltd. The above rankings are in no particular order, and the list of supporters is constantly increasing.


Due to limited medical materials procurement experience, we have also encountered issues such as international logistics, customs clearance, temporary price increases, and even contract issues, but our staff are still working relentlessly to procure supplies from around the world, with the help of many parties.


We believe that with the attention and help of more and more people and institutions, the difficulties will be overcome, and the efficiency of front-line support will become higher and higher until we finally overcome this epidemic.


Partners who have medical materials procurement resources at home and abroad can contact Mr. Yan 18621745727 hwang@yoozoo.com – THANK YOU!