YOOZOO Initiates Aid To Areas Affected By Recent Coronavirus Outbreak


On January 26, YOOZOO launched assistance to the Hubei area at the centre of the epidemic crisis, through the YOOZOO Charitable Foundation.


During this special period, the foundation provided the best protection for the front-line medical staff in order to helped the people of Wuhan survive the epidemic as smoothly as possible. YOOZOO acts in solidarity with Wuhan.


The medical materials prepared by YOOZOO include 50,000 KN95 masks, as well as 100,000 pieces of protective clothing, surgical isolation clothing, disposable hats, and shoe covers, etc. which will be sent to Hubei medical teams through Shanghai and sent to hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei.


At the same time, YOOZOO is still actively preparing for follow-up assistance and strives to provide more adequate relief supplies to the front line through transfers from regional office support from Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc.


Here, we thank and pay tribute to the medical staff in Shanghai and all over the country who are working to resolve this epidemic. YOOZOO will also provide effective assistance with practical actions, and work together with the people to cope with this difficulty! Come on Hubei, come on China!