YOOZOO’s CEO and Chairman: From Survival of the Fittest to Survival of the "Knowledgeable"


 January 17th, the 2020 YOOZOO Annual Conference took place with the theme of "Breaking out in the next ten", held at the Shanghai Disneyland Story Stage. At the annual meeting, Lin Qi, Chairman and CEO of YOOZOO, gave a speech. Mr Qi reflected that whilst the past ten years were a competitive environment for the survival of the fittest, the next ten years will be a new playing field: survival of the "knowledgeable".



Lin’s speech covered the changes in the macroeconomic environment and the environment of the gaming industry, summarized the development of YOOZOO in the past ten years, and proposed the development direction of the next decade. In the context of declining dividends from traditional industry functions, Lin said, the future will require dividends to be sought from more expansive means - from culture and management – to comprehensively improve employees' cognitive ability, cultural and aesthetic taste, and business engineering efficiency. At the same time, the organization and talent level will both face rejuvenation.


He mentioned that in the next decade, we hope to walk with colleagues who value culture, have a deep understanding of the products, and truly get the users, and fulfil their responsibilities, to produce meaningful and interesting things. Take something you like and make it valuable, he said.



In addition, Lin Qi also said that the technological revolution will bring new opportunities for change and in how we choose to face the future. YOOZOOO is already ahead of the trends in the fields of artificial intelligence and cloud gaming, with tangible results already in fruition. We look to the future with ambition that technology will enable our products, and that culture will be inherited through technology. Herein, we can create more diversified value for society.


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