YOOZOO Foundation Serving the Home of the ‘Three Kingdoms’


13th December 2019, YOOZOO Foundation’s donation ceremony was held in Zhong County, Chongqing. In the town of the historical “Three Kingdoms” stories, the YOOZOO Foundation organized donations and museum trips to broaden the horizons of the local children – part of YOOZOO’s philanthropic goal of “sharing happiness and protecting dreams”.


During the ceremony, YOOZOO Foundation donated 100,000 RMB to the Xinli Town Jinghua Primary School. This fund would be used to expand the options of students’ extra-curriculum activities and help create a healthy and happy learning environment. Deputy Mayor of Zhong County, Li Bin, volunteers from YOOZOO Charity Foundation together with teacher and student representatives of the school participated in the ceremony.


Chairperson of the YOOZOO Foundation, Wang Huan, said that the YOOZOO Foundation would continue to focus on the teenagers’ growth and utilize YOOZOO’s cultural and creative resources to present teenagers with more forms of traditional culture learning. “Zhong County has retained the historical culture of the Three Kingdoms, and the famous Guan Yu himself was an incarnation of the “Zhong” (i.e. “Loyal”) spirit. YOOZOO has always focused on promoting the legacy of our good traditional culture and produced several “Junior Three Kingdoms” titles, so I see a common spirit between us. We will also take this opportunity to help the local teenagers grow by expanding their cultural vision and promoting our traditional culture.” Wang Huan said.


Mr. Fan, the principal of Jinghua Primary School, expressed his gratitude for the love and donation from YOOZOO Foundation and the volunteers. Mr. Fan said the school would continue to invest in developing the interests of students and providing help for those in need. “We will make sure every single cent is spent in where it is most needed. Children in rural county also deserve to have a high-quality education.” Mr. Fan said.




Prior to the ceremony, volunteers from YOOZOO Foundation visited the school to have face-to-face interaction with the students in order to understand their study and life circumstances. Founded in 1931, Xinli Town Jinghua Primary School is located in the remote mountains of Zhong County. It is 72 kilometers from the county city and 20 kilometers away from the town center. Most of the students have never been to the county city, with many of the local adults working outside of the town, and their children feeling left behind with grandparents in poverty. After the YOOZOO Foundation found out about this situation, the students were invited to a trip to Zhong Zhou Museum in the county city, where the volunteers acted as guides and enjoyed a cultural experience together with the students.




Volunteers of the YOOZOO Foundation also brought a range of merchandise with traditional cultural elements from “Junior Three Kingdoms”, “Junior Three Kingdoms 2” and “Mirage in the Flower”. The toys and backpacks were greatly loved by the local children.


Children writing down their wishes


With the goal of “sharing happiness and protecting dreams”, the YOOZOO Foundation has built many platforms that focus on providing care to teenagers and helping them to develop. YOOZOO aims to become a practitioner, creator and promoter of charity in China, and has helped to protect children’s dreams by providing assistance and funding in various areas such as Gansu and Xizang over many years.


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